It was from a love of beautiful things and a desire to create sensational living spaces that I founded Lannis Peta Designs. I have a passion for natural materials in their true form and in  their use in the manufacture of a modern pieces of furniture and art. I have a love of colour and the moods it brings into a space. Interior design starts with passion and creativity but needs to end with a real living space that works. Each project is individual and inspired by the client's great expectation. As a company we challenge ourselves to create a unique and individual space for each client. We work with an extensive co-operation of artisans, craftsmen and product designers. We also do love to forage for new and one off pieces in markets and high street shops. Whilst fashion and design are closely linked and inspire each other, it is important not to be constrained and led by latest fashion dictates. Our inspiration comes from within. We have “borrowed" the words of Jamie Mandelbaum. Chief creative office at Y&R Europe and have them painted on a wall in the studio.  

"With the same set of tools Michaelangelo created the Sistine Chapel and someone else built a shed down the street"

I trained as an interior architect and worked on commercial and residential spaces before starting LPD. Since its conception we have won awards and had numerous accolades from the industry. It is a passion for design, a love of what we do, and a wish for the client to continue to love their home long after we have torn up the snagging list and gone home that propels us as a company.

Lannis Spiro